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Our programs are designed to meet the high standards of today’s early learning education. We aim to equip every child in our center with the foundation for exceptional growth by providing a well-rounded preschool learning experience.



At NOVA Safe Hands Academy our Early Learning Matters (ELM) curriculum is a comprehensive, research-informed program to support the optimal learning and development of children from birth to five years of age. Incorporating language, mathematics, creative thinking, cognitive development, social and emotional learning makes for a fun-filled preschool education experience. We strive to educate young minds in a way that encourages enjoyment in learning.


Our goal is to expose children to simple lessons with many opportunities for them to explore their creativity, as well as the world around them. 

For more details on individual class curriculum, please click on the button below.



At NOVA Safe Hands Academy we believe that proper nutrition is key to good health. Therefore we strive to offer healthy food and snack options to all of the children in our center. Please refer to the menu available in the individualized class section to view our monthly menu options for each class. 

Our center serves one breakfast, one hot lunch and two snacks per child, per day. Alternatives food options are available for children with food aversions or sensitivities. 

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Holidays and Inclement weather closings.

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We are open all year round except during our holiday closings, inclement weather closings, teacher's education days or for any other reasons beyond our control.

Inclement weather closings:

We tentatively operate based on Fairfax county public school (FCPS) weather initiated procedures and closings.  Please get in touch with a member of our team with any questions or concerns. Thank you. 

Safety and remote camera viewing system

Security Camera Video Surveillance

Our center utilizes a childcare management system to ensure the appropriate arrival and departure of every child in our center, as well as for reporting children's daily activities to their families


We also offer an encrypted camera viewing system which allows our registered families to stay connected with the progress and care of their children in real time.

Please get in touch with a member of our team for any questions or concerns. Thank you. 


Discover NOVA Safe Hands Academy

Our vision is a nurturing, educational and fun environment for every child. We believe that exposing children to a variety of fun learning experiences will stimulate their interest and provide opportunities for them to explore and gain a sense of the world around them.


Our uniquely developed preschool curriculum utilizes "Inspired To Learn Method" that provides endless opportunities to apply and expand each child’s early language, math, and social-emotional skills through well-guided engaging group projects inspired by the children’s individual interests and imagination. In doing so, children can naturally develop the love of academic learning beyond the preschool environment and life-essential skills needed for effective interaction, critical thinking, problem-solving and team-building spirits.


Our Mission is to provide care and early childhood academic learning with integrity, transparency and love.

 Our curriculum offers a continual stream of learning opportunities for every child enrolled in our programs.

A typical day in our center includes many opportunities for purposeful play-based learning activities that also provides children with the opportunities to learn, practice, and reinforce their understanding of important early academic skills (literacy, mathematics, logic, cultural explorations and problem solving).This time-tested approach to teaching young children through encouraging creative play provides children with endless fun opportunities that fully engage their creativity and imagination, and fosters meaningful early childhood learning.

  ​​By ensuring an inclusive environment that is conducive to learning but also allows children to enjoy being children, we can target the different developmental stages of each child. Through early academic learning, cooperative play and creative activities, we are able to ensure that every child in our center reaches their social, emotional and physical milestones naturally, while having a blast!


At NOVA Safe Hands Academy, we believe that every child, regardless of their age and developmental abilities, is entitled to all of the exceptional offerings in our brand-new state of the art facility. What we offer our families include:

  • ​​A clean, safe, supportive and inclusive environment that is conducive to learning.

  • Daily reports and pictures of your child through our childcare program app.

  • Developmentally appropriate, educational curriculum that focuses on early academics, but also encourages learning through play.

  • Experienced, attentive, respectful, nurturing and engaging teachers.

  • Implementation of health and safety practices that meet and far exceed Virginia state and CDC corona-virus (COVID-19) required safety standards

  • Appropriately spaced nutritious meals and snacks to allow children the energy needed for active learning and engaging activities.

  • Dedicated time for a midday rest and nap to allow the child to rejuvenate themselves in preparation for the afternoon activities

  • Daily routines that include a balance of creative learning, early academics, as well as play-based learning opportunities

  • The ability for registered families to observe the progress of their children in real-time (Individual class cameras accessible only to registered families)​

At NOVA Safe Hands Academy, it is an honor to be part of your child's early education journey. Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your most cherished gifts - your children.

About Us: Our Team
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Every child deserves a safe, nurturing and supportive learning environment that will inspire their curiosity and challenge their imagination. 

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